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» Interesting: born 1925-1955
      By: Glen Brink (27-Jan-19) [NEW]
» How To Update History
      By: Glen Brink
» I appreciate the Democrat concern that a wall is not effective.
      By: Glen Brink
» Democrat poll workers steal Congress
      By: Glen Brink
» ‘The Simpsons’ Forced To Drop This One Character Because Of Liberal Backlash
      By: Glen Brink
» They wrote a blank check payable to US
      By: Glen Brink
» Chilling -- Charles Krauthammer
      By: Glen Brink
» Drain The Swamp Today
      By: Glen Brink
» This fast-emerging company is poised to radically change the global war on terror
      By: Glen Brink
» Tired of everything being politicized There's one simple solution
      By: Glen Brink
» Denver: A Criminal's Paradise
      By: Glen Brink
» Thoughts on racism, sexism. and every PC-ism
      By: Glen Brink
» Where was this man when we needed him?
      By: Glen Brink
» The Purpose of Political Correctness
      By: Glen Brink
» Nov 2016: I don't usually talk politics, but. . .
      By: Glen Brink
» See what they say overseas
      By: Glen Brink
» A Message For Christians About Donald Trump
      By: Glen Brink
» MOTHER OF ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIER Destroys Hillary’s Anti-Trump Muslim Dad With This VIRAL Letter
      By: Glen Brink
» The Next Assassinated President
      By: Glen Brink
» US Government poisons your mind - Obama Signs pro GMO Bill (violating his promises)
      By: Glen Brink

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