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Brought to You by
Glen Brink
Published by: Glen Brink on 30-Aug-23

Please save and share this newsletter with anyone you enroll. Blessings for your health, Kare

curated by Glen Brink for my Health Blog

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Dear One~

This Newsletter contains almost everything you need to know so please read it and save it!!!

How to use your iHerQles
         (or LiquidGold)

Start with my iHeRQles Sacrament Video



I hope you will breathe and relax with me

as you start your iHeRQles Upgrade experience.
This short video will also teach you

what The Wellness Spray is doing in your body

and have you paying attention to

how your body is responding…

and what to look forward to.


Ideally take 4 sprays under your tongue morning, afternoon, and evening 15 minutes before you eat for the very best results (although it works anytime you spray it). Three times a day or more keeps it working in your bloodstream all day long…and when you are consistent for 4 months (which is a full blood cycle --in that time every blood cell dies and a new one is formed)  then every new blood cell formed takes on that higher frequency, quantum nutrition and information directly from nature! So in 4 months every blood cell in your body is upgraded to a new level!!!

Keep using it 3 times a day or more and every organ and system will eventually also be upgraded and working better than you every thought it could be.  Can you imagine what you will feel like in a year of doing this? How about 5 years or ten?

Maintenance is using it 4 sprays once a day which takes one bottle a month.  When you have reached the level of restoration you desire Maintenance will keep your blood clean and your circulation open and flowing and your reversed age.

If you are facing a health challenge like an injury, illness, surgery, or emotional trauma — Please spray more to give your body the added nutrition to pull you through with ease and grace.

Join Our Support Group!

My Wellness Spray Facebook Support Group called Kare’s Wellness Spray Community … where we can support and learn from each other on our wellness journey back to health. 

Here you will find our newest information, new videos, questions and answers and testimonials.

This will become your best forum to learn and share. I will also do live question and answer videos here, too! Please join and participate. If you like stuff and comment often it will stay in your newsfeed (otherwise you will have to go back to the group when you want updates) that’s just how facebook works. ? JOIN HERE NOW


***I have posted
the iHeRQles list of ingredients
and what they are known to do …
at the very bottom of this Newsletter.


iHeRQles Empowerment

Zoom Class every Sunday!!!
also live in our Support Group
9pm  EST  --  6pm PST

This is for your continued education and empowerment.

I am also doing this for you to
bring your prospects and new customers
to really hear about the product, get their questions answered by Kare, and also see others ask questions and share their experiences.

(The Company Calls Monday and Thursday Nights are good you to find out the new business offers and are pretty “rah-rah make money”—some people just want to hear about the product…that is why we started our Sunday Zoom class.  Bring your prospects and new customers here!)

I host a Zoom class every Sunday Evening on Liquid Gold and iHeRQles. It is LIVE in the support group Kare’s Wellness Spray Community at 9 pm eastern / 6 pm pacific time.


Go to
Code: 836 4883 1733
Password: wellness

Or here's the direct link:

Or if you just want to call in go to
301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733

Please join and invite friends! If you join through Zoom you can ask questions live and share your story which is preferable to me and more helpful to others.


This goes LIVE in the Kare’s Wellness Spray Community at the same time and will remain in our Facebook Group so you can view them anytime after.

Get My New E-Book Here:
   “THE ONLY WAY TO GET WELL!”  by Kare Possick

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You can share this—just remember to share your phone number and website link with this

This Really is the Only Way to Get Well !

This is a one-of-a-kind revolutionary … even better …

quantum evolutionary product

that is scientifically proven to reverse our biological
age by up to 20+ years…and our age-relates issues.

Not only do I believe this product to be the Health Breakthrough of the Century that we have all been waiting for…I also believe that this 100% Plant-based Quantum Wellness Spray can change health care and they way we all look at illness.

I believe this is the Company of the Century as well.

So…what I am seeing is… the people who are joining us as
Activists (actively caring and sharing with others)
are Lightworkers…highly conscious individuals who honor Mother Earth and take good care of their own bodies, and are aware that this is a critical time and the choices we make now are of extreme importance.


And nearly everyone is sharing this Quantum Health Breakthrough with their friends and families because: everyone really needs this level of Quantum Nutrition to achieve the Next Level of Awareness and Vitality.

Imagine that your circulation and micro-circulation is open and relaxed and the blood is flowing clean and free of low frequency toxins and pollution, carrying only oxygen and these High Frequency Quantum Nutrients…the likes of which your body has never known.

Imagine that your immune system is fully functioning and legions of stem cells are being called in to replace all your fastest aging and weak and damaged cells!

Imaging that you can see and feel your biological age reversing … and you hear others commenting on your GLOW.

That’s the iHeRQles Glow!


When our insides are shiny and open and clear

the iHeRQles Glow shows through here!


This is it! This is what we have been looking for – for our own health and to help others improve theirs—and for those who choose to share this with others it can be a source of free product or even a very significant income stream.


The Kare System
for Caring and Sharing  

So you really want to share this…

We have developed a system to help you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel…you can use ours and hopefully even improve it.

The Kare System    The 3 little questions

What could be easier? Ask anyone this question:

Question 1

"If there was a product that could reverse your age and your age-related conditions would you want to know about it?"

If the answer is “yes” and I haven’t gotten any other answer—then ask…


Question 2

"Will you watch a video that explains everything about it?"

If the answer is “yes” then send them this link by text or email. I prefer texting because they have the device to watch it now.

THE SHARING VIDEOS   here’s the link to cut and paste




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