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Published by: Glen Brink 02-May-17
This fast-emerging company is poised to radically change the global war on terror

Patriot One Technologies (PTOTF) has launched what police,
military and security experts have been wanting for years…

  • Breakthrough technology identifies concealed weapons, shutting down potential threats.
  • Monitors choke points at schools, airports, malls, nightclubs, parades…almost any place where people are exposed to attack.
  • Patriot One’s weapons detection system delivers a disruptive, revolutionary change to the status quo in today’s security world.
  • Replaces aged walk-through metal detectors; scans moving targets such as individuals and crowds to identify a suspect and an imminent threat.
  • Designed to trigger early warning alerts of attack…had it been deployed on-site, Patriot One may have stopped many of the world’s most notorious terror acts.

curated by Glen Brink of TheLeadership.com from http://midasletteralerts.com/

Patriot One Technologies (OTCQB: PTOTF / TSX.V: PAT) is staged to revolutionize how security forces detect, intervene and stop a terrorist act before it can be carried out.

We’ve seen this happen over and over again. A well-armed terrorist casually walks into a crowded mall, pulls out hidden weapons and kills at will.

Nothing can be done to stop such acts so long as the weapons can be concealed.

That’s about to change in a very big way…

Detect the threat. Alert authorities. Save lives!


Patriot One might have stopped many of the most heinous terror attacks unleashed in America and worldwide!

You know the stories. You read the news.

Had security known in advance that those attackers were armed, tragedy might have been avoided. Terrorists could have been neutralized.

This is precisely what Patriot One Technologies’ superior weapons detection system is designed to do. Deter, detect and defend against global and domestic threats! [1]

It’s a revolutionary concept using a proprietary new application of cognitive weapons identification software to identify the threat before it reaches the kill zone.

This stunningly effective technology can literally scan a crowd and single out anyone who is carrying a hidden weapon.

It’s a game-changer with enormous global potential. And its potential is breaking out now!

In its first-ever pilot program, the Patriot One weapons detection system is about to go online in Orlando!

That was June 12, 2016. This guy just walked in with the crowd, armed to the teeth, and nobody was the wiser.

Had a Patriot One system been installed at the entrance, he and his weapons might not have made it through the door.

The simple fact is, lunatics like him get in because no practical security system can detect them. Their murderous intent remains undiscovered until weapons are deployed and victims begin falling. The NForce CMR1000 weapons detection system could have prevented this attack.

Knowing the demand potential for this game-changing security, I forecast that Patriot One’s NForce detection system would be on a fast track for rapid growth in America. Once owners and management of public facilities learn of its security potential… Patriot One Technologies could take off dramatically.

And that could happen more quickly than I originally projected! The company just announced that its NForce systems are scheduled for pilot installation at VGroup Concepts entertainment properties in Orlando! [2]

This will be the first installation of its kind in an area already infamous for a brutal terror attack. You can expect word of this to spread quickly!

I strongly urge that you act on this news without delay!

Patriot One systems are built on a foundation of proven hardware technology…

curated by Glen Brink of TheLeadership.com from http://midasletteralerts.com/


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