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I love personal development, natural health products, marketing and texas holdem.  I am Glen Brink, the Colorado senior citizen who has done well for years in MLM using direct mail.


My education and career were in computer science. I went into business for myself to avoid the limited salary ceilings found in any vocation. I did well in direct mail because I am smart and a very hard worker.

What I discovered was that I liked working with people -- especially with entrepreneurs trying to improve their lives! I am experienced with business training, service in Vietnam and advanced personal development.

see: the Avatar course

When I looked into the Internet business world -- I discovered it was wild and woolly just like the very old days in direct mail. (Chock full of liars and scams.)

But I was pleasantly surprised when I found Worldprofit and Dr. Jeffery Lant. I found that they knew the right ways of making money on the Internet -- and they were willing to tell us the truth about it. The training they offer will work for you regardless of what you want to do on the Internet (business, politics or anything at all.)

Now I'm making money worldwide and happily learning something everyday. For example, Dr. Lant in Massachusetts just closed a sale for me of my new dealer in Australia while I just happened to be watching from my home office in Colorado. Dr. Lant is the only CEO I know who works for us daily and directly -- and we can see it all happening on his unique Live Business Center.


This business opportunity is not here just to make money. We are looking for YOU because we like working as a team with good people! We are building a worthwhile future for all our members.

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