A system built for everyone in the world.


with the "Daily Freedom Challenge" - an ingenious crowdfunding platform that has never existed in this form!


Imagine: $ 0.20 times 30 times doubling & you can get half of it!




Join my team that will provide you with the best marketing and support - and make the first deposit for you!

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?? 100% of the donations are paid out
?? Start with just 20 cents
?? Fast growing credit
?? Everyone starts the same, no skipping or losing donations.
?? Valuable back-office with free web software.
?? Team Rotator and Spillover help you build your team

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?? What distinguishes the best crowdfunding system is:

1.) No manual sending of multiple donations to individuals.
2.) Optional automatic upgrades.
3.) 30 levels for which you can upgrade to earn tremendous earning potential.
4.) Super low entry points for just 20 cents.
5.) More options for payments.
6.) No Dud positions (people who do not pay)
7.) You can also deposit for selected partners from your account balance. (P2P)
8.) Money transfer between the members. (P2P)
9.) Better back office reporting, training and marketing.

?? No loss of downlines advancing to larger levels.
?? Custom Capture Pages.

Have fun with the 20 cent start - everyone (over 18) can participate!

??PS: Thousands of members from other crowdfunding programs have already joined!

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1. Make a deposit that is okay for you (for example, 2, 3, or 4 dollars)
2. There are then buy positions, maximum 3 per day (first day: 20 ¢ + 20 ¢ + 20 ¢> = 60 ¢ Max)
3. 30 levels, you can improve a maximum of 3 levels per day
4. Fair system, limited downlines and makes for spillover
5. Accepts BTC and PayPal
6. Unlimited use worldwide
7. Car Donations / Payments to Members
8. Auto Level Up (optional)
9. Once money is on the internal account, it can also be paid from $ 10 (via Bitcoin and Paypal)



Here are some tips and hints:

Pay a small dollar amount into the system.

Buy three items from your balance every day.

Thus, the matrix fill up very quickly and the yield is not long in coming.

It would be of benefit to all if you could do some advertising for DFC.

That helps you and everyone else. You can find your link under Advertising / Promo Center.

You can pay in BTC or with PayPal.

The amount you want to deposit please with a dot, not a comma.
After you have entered the amount, please press the button "Deposit". (Just ignore the Bitcoin field).
A new window is opening up.

Go there on dollars if you want to pay with PayPal, or on BTC if you want to pay with Bitcoin. You will then be redirected to the appropriate pages.

When the money has been credited, you will probably have to wait a bit and then buy your positions.

Go to positions / buy positions and buy the number of positions you want (max 3 per day)

Then just look in the back office daily and buy positions from the balance.
That's all. I wish you much success and a nice return.

What are you waiting for? Sign up above the "Yes, I want to" button and see for yourself on this ingenious system!


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I can not give a guarantee for the program and if the 30 levels per position are met, it would be nice.

For the speed in how many days the 30 levels per position reach the goal, I give no guarantee, but honestly because 20 dollars cents per position you do not have to get upset or if you say you buy 3 positions at the beginning a 20 cents (total 60 cents) is not a fortune.


 ?? join now via the button!