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New 'Fake Pot' could mean mega-profits


See this plant here?

It looks like a marijuana plant. But it's not.

And while there's been a lot of buzz about marijuana making millionaires and throwing off mega-gains of...

1,240%... and even 2,590%... on investor's money...

This plant you're seeing is what some might call "fake pot" or "no buzz marijuana."

And my research shows it'll spin off bigger gains than legal pot.

For 81 years, this industry was in a hazy legal status. Burdened by regulations, and legal in some states while illegal in others. This held down massive growth potential.

But thanks to federal statute 115-661, which President Trump just signed into law...

It'll unleash a tsunami of money that'll explode 40 times in value.

That's why billionaire investors like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Leon Cooperman, and Peter Thiel the founder of PayPal are circling this industry.

Corporations are too... Constellation Brands (the maker of Corona beer), Microsoft, and Coca-Cola are piling in.

Hedge funds like Poseidon, Tribeca Global Natural Resources, and Tiger Global Management are streaming into this space.


So why would anyone be interested in "fake pot"?

Put simply, most people want health benefits without getting stoned.

And the health benefits of "fake pot" are truly miraculous!

Some patients claim it can kill certain cancers... it alleviates multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinson's, and Crohn's disease. It's even shown to offset diabetes, soothe pain and depression, and help insomniacs sleep like a baby.

A recent survey in Forbes found eighty percent of people who use it reported it was "very or extremely effective."

Rolling Stone magazine calls it "The drug of the future."


Can you spot this clue to a $22 billion fortune?

This $10 banknote from 1914 reveals a once taboo substance that’s now creating miracle foods and medicines. It’s already made some investors as much as 23 times their money. Now, thanks to Bill 115-661, you have the chance to make your fortune from this space.


Hi, my name is Nick Giambruno.

Do you see the $10 bill above?

It was legal currency in 1914.

One of the images seen on this “forbidden” money reveals a substance worth an estimated $22 billion…

That was, until now, off limits to you.

But thanks to a sweeping law change…

It could make early investors wealthy in mere months.

You can see that image here.

What you’re looking at… is an image of a special plant… that used to be as common as cotton and tobacco.

After alcohol prohibition ended, business tycoons and Washington elites “banned” this $10 bill... and this plant.

They did it to enrich themselves.

Unfortunately, this has for generations cost the American publicly dearly.

Since this plant was banned, we’ve missed out on its healing properties that could have saved as many as 41,975 lives a year from just one disease.

And it could have given relief to thousands of military veterans that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

But that’s only the beginning of how many lives could have been saved or restored.

It turns out that a lucrative oil extracted from this plant…

Seems to have amazing healing powers. It’s revolutionizing medicine.

So far, research from a variety of places like the University of California and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine…

Shows this healing oil can reverse glaucoma, improve heart health, stop seizures, relieve depression, offset diabetes, and even kill certain types of cancer.

But now that Bill 115-661 is about to be signed into the Federal Register by President Trump…

This special plant—and the oil extracted from it—are about to be fully legal.

Paving the way for you to become financially set for life.

You’re ALSO going to see how this oil has created the biggest investment opportunity of the decade.

I believe you could make far more money from this than weed, tech, or cryptos.


Since Bill 115-661 is about to become law.

While there are publicly traded companies servicing this industry, they’ve been buried under a maze of red tape.

But now many of those regulations could soon be cleared away…

And this market is about to burst wide open.

That means you’re getting in on the ground floor.

And, while nothing in the market is guaranteed, your return could be twice as big, since this new industry is expected to rise 40 times in value over the next 48 months.

And of course, the U.S. market is much bigger than that of Canada.

Now, according to both an industry journal and a market research firm called the Brightfield Group…

This could grow into a $22 billion market—meaning massive gains are on the table for early investors.

Making this a bigger industry than America’s snack food and video game industries combined!

But really, this could be an even bigger bonanza.

Yahoo Finance says some analysts believe this industry will eventually be worth a whopping $500 billion!


It makes sense if you take into account that the oil from this plant…

Treats a variety of diseases… and disease treatment is a $250 billion a year business.

Plus, factor in that research from James Madison University shows that America’s population is rapidly aging…

So there will be a never-ending demand for this healing oil.

But to grab life-changing gains, you must act immediately.

Since President Trump is about to sign Federal Statute 115-661 into law… which de-regulates this plant…

There’s nothing holding back this market now.

This is where America’s entrepreneurial genius and free market economy takes charge.

It’s going to make a lot of people millionaires.

And you could become one of them from the comfort of your home, as an investor.

That’s because there’s ONLY one company that’s really capable of supplying enough of this oil to meet U.S. demand. 

And because of that…


23 Times Your Money Could Be Just the Beginning

I want to point out that this plant is NOT the same as the marijuana plant, and I didn’t drink some ultra-caffeinated beverage like Red Bull or Monster.

Even still, many people aren’t really clear on what this plant is. 

Here’s a picture of this plant that’s going to make a lot of people wealthy:

At first glance, you might assume it’s a “pot plant.”

But it’s not. It’s actually a different species of plant, called hemp.

Now you’ve probably seen hemp products at your grocery store.

That’s nothing new.

And neither is “hemp oil.”

What is new, is a particular type of oil extracted from this plant that works “miracles.”

Before I talk about this oil, let me show you something that most people in America don’t know.

The difference between marijuana and hemp is that…

Marijuana is packed with an ingredient called THC. This is what makes people high.

However, hemp won’t get you high. That’s because it only contains trace amounts of THC.

What makes hemp so special is that it’s packed with a substance called cannabidiol—or CBD for short—whereas marijuana contains less CBD. 

It’s this CBD substance, or more specifically CBD oil that’s healing people. It’s completely different from the “hemp oil” seen in grocery stores.

And for those who get in now, they’ll be positioned to get rich.

But let’s back up a moment.

And let me show you why sky-high stock gains are possible in months rather than years.

You see, public policy on hemp and its extracts has been schizophrenic.

In the beginning, hemp was grown by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.

And it was used as medicine and for clothes, paper, and rope for much of American history. In 1914, it was featured on our money.

But in 1937, this plant became public enemy #1.

That’s when Washington elites, various business interests, and DuPont, a rope maker…

Acted to suppress the hemp industry (known for “hemp rope”) since it threatened their profits.

It was around this time that alcohol prohibition ended. And here was Harry Anslinger, the head of the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Prohibition… with nothing to do.

So, with certain business interests opposed to hemp, he went in, guns blazing… lumping hemp in as the same thing as pot. Claiming it could drive a person to “insanity.”

Which is ridiculous since hemp can’t get you high.

The result was businesses involved in hemp either could not sell in various states or had to operate under intense federal scrutiny.

The shocking thing is, the Food and Drug Administration saw hemp for what it was—perfectly safe.

The only government holdout that enforced burdensome regulations on CBD-related companies… was the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

They did so because they believed it would violate an international treaty if hemp was fully legalized. 

Since Federal Bill 115-661 is about to pass…

This absurd, decades-old misunderstanding could soon be overruled.

So you’re going to see CBD oil superfoods, drinks, and medicines…

Flood into your grocery stores, gas stations, malls, drug stores, on TV, and at your doctor’s office.

It’s already happening!

The maker of Corona beer and Svedka vodka is Constellation Brands. And they’ve announced plans to create special beverages infused with this oil.

Their stock popped 60%—before the market even opened the next day. They believe so much in the success of this oil, they’ve invested $4 billion towards it!

Bloomberg reports that Coca-Cola, the world’s largest drinks company and one of Warren Buffett’s favorite stocks… has a plan to reverse lagging sales by formulating some of their drinks with this oil.

Alkaline88 Water is looking to get early mover advantage in the bottled water market. Since they’ve announced they’ll be using this oil, their stock bounced 72%.

New Age Beverages, the maker of Coco Libre coconut water and Bucha Live Kombucha announced at a trade show they’re creating drinks infused with this oil. Soon after, their stock price tripled.

GW Pharmaceuticals just got FDA-approval on a drug formulated with this plant extract for treating children’s epilepsy. Shortly after, their stock surged 17%. 

Another pharmaceutical firm, Intrexon Corp., saw their share price soar 32% after announcing they’ll use this extract in their formulation process. 

I could go on.

The point is, if an American name-brand formulates their product with CBD oil… their stock price shoots up.

Making it a real cash cow.

Listen to this… even before Federal Bill 115-661 was proposed…

Simple word of mouth had so popularized CBD oil…

That even though the CBD oil industry had limited advertising…

Few distribution channels…

And few financial backers.

These products were flying off the shelves.

News reports show that from California to Colorado to Indiana to Houston, Texas—CBD products were hard to keep in stock.

“It’s blowing up in popularity”, says a man named Kevin who works at a store selling CBD oil products in Houston.

An Indiana ABC news channel reports that sales “skyrocketed.”

And Rob Rosenbeck, owner of a health and wellness store reports…

“We’ve seen our sales grow tenfold in the last year.”

Making CBD oil a $591 million a year business.

But now that companies are about to be completely free of red tape—and the DEA breathing down their neck—I expect sales will explode.

This is the same recipe that grew the fledgling vitamin supplement industry in the '80s into a $37 billion a year bonanza…

Spinning off stock gains of 1,527% for Herbalife…

 Investors got a 1,881% pop on Natural Alternatives International…

 And investors hit the lottery if they got in on Usana Health Sciences’ 46,883% gain.

Now of course these are some of the best gains that space experienced, but you can see how life-changing gains like these could be dead ahead… in mere months.

Now if you’ve heard that marijuana is going to blast off…

Then you might be surprised to know that CBD oil could be even bigger.

The Brightfield Group expects the CBD market will eclipse marijuana by $2 billion.


A new wave of millionaires is going to be made from CBD oil.

But not only that…

You’re going to be a part of a revolution that helps solve a national epidemic and helps millions of fellow Americans live more active, pain-free, and happy lives.

What I mean by that is…

America is experiencing an “Opioid Crisis.”

A popular online news site called Vox reports:

Millions of people are hooked on these painkillers.

Some of them have included John McCain’s wife and Rush Limbaugh. These pain killers are so addictive and dangerous, they kill 41,975 people a year.

Had CBD oil been legal nationwide… it could have staved off America’s opioid crisis.

You see, opioids affect the breathing center of the brain. So, if someone overdoses, they’re at risk of dying. Compare that to CBD oil.

It doesn’t target the breathing center of the brain. That’s why there’s no risk of overdose from taking too much of it. Instead, it targets the receptors that interfere with pain signals to the brain.

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, CBD oil is proven to soothe pain.

Plus, CBD oil does something else that big pharma drugs can’t—it targets the receptor that decreases inflammation.

So not only do you have the opportunity to grow rich from the CBD oil surge…

You can be a Good Samaritan by helping thousands of Americans get off dangerous opioid pain killers.

Now the reason why CBD oil is safer and works better than big pharma pain killers is…


CBD Oil Seems As If It Were Designed to Heal the Human Body

That’s why Rolling Stone magazine calls it, “The drug of the future.”

And a recent Forbes survey found that of the people who used CBD oil, “Eighty percent said the products are ‘very or extremely effective.’”

In a nutshell, here’s why it works so well…

Just as your body has a cardiovascular and nervous system…

Your body also has an endocannabinoid system. Made up of receptors throughout your brain and body…

It regulates your mood, pain sensation, appetite, and memory.

CBD oil specifically plugs into these receptors to deliver health benefits…

In a way that medications can’t.

And it’s done the same for these people:

  • Daisy Machado, a 44-year old mom diagnosed with the deadliest form of breast cancer, swears by CBD oil. She said, “I knew it was the [CBD oil] that cured me.”
  • Former Green Bay Packers defensive end Cullen Jenkins found it relieved his chronic pain. He told USA Today, “It started helping. With the joints, with the pain.”
  • Charles Douglas, age 30, a fitness fanatic who suffered severe depression took CBD oil to feel like himself again. He said, “After a week of being on it it’s helped me get back to my normal self."
  • And Nathan Nott suffered four herniated disks in his back. And treated it with opioids. It wasn’t until CBD oil he found relief. Saying, “After the first dab, I felt my lower back pain instantly melt away.”

CBS News reports that veterans across the country want