Myths About Making Money Online

Stop Being On The Wrong Side Of The Window


(Quiz yourself - true or false?)


#1: The Money Is In The List

#2: He Cracked The Code

#3: Pop to the Top of Google

#4: New Miracle 1 Click Software

#5: Clickbank Kind of Deals

#6: The Internet Millionaire Who Wants To Help You


#8: SCAM Reviews and Scam Searching

#9: Traffic - Free Information You NEED To Know

#10: Advertising To Paid Members

#11: Too Good to Be True

#12: The People Who Get In First Make All The Money

#13: Debunking the 10 Common Social Media Myths

#14: The #1 Reason People Fail Online...


did you miss any?  Just check your ads.

Read 'em and weep. 

Don't ignore the truth behind these myths.


Now the real kicker to watch out for is 'do you get paid directly or not', if not there is a HIGH chance the admin will peace out with your money because there is usually a reason you don't pay each other directly... Don't get me wrong there ARE lots of good admins who run these programs so I'm not pointing any fingers or bashing. A good admin is the guy who launches the program, pays everyone he is supposed to, makes a few dollars for himself and then opens a new site when he sees that his client pool has dried up.

And some food for thought, if you know a good admin who runs these types of programs on a regular basis, slip him $20 bucks and tell him to tell you the instant he reveals his next project because as you know whomever gets in first makes all the money :-)

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