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How to create a lifetime of free traffic.

How to create a lifetime of free traffic.
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Traffic generation is quite easy when you know,

It involves a little strategy (explained below) and a specific traffic site that pays you $13.00 piggybank money plus $1.00 cash when you join.

When you have surfed 100 pages, you can then use your $13.00 piggybank cash, just click on the account tab and then piggybank add the $13.00 into the transfer box and transfer, thats it use it now to upgrade your account

Use this cash to purchase the level 1 upgrade which costs $7.95 per month (but using the piggy bank on site means no card required etc).

This qualifies you for 20% commission and 5% ad credits from your referrals.

You will earn $1.59 with 1 referral who does the same as you (joins, surfs and upgrades using funds).

You will also earn 50 ad credits from their surfing.

This gives you enough money to pay for another 1 month upgrade.

To maintain this cycle you need to work on gaining a total of 5 free referrals to cover the $7.95 upgrade cost.

Those referrals need to be willing to surf 100 pages and start their own perpetual traffic system.

Considering millions of people surf daily for ad credits this is not a difficult task.

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